I always believe that the concept of teaching, specially teaching music is something completely specialized, with particular techniques and methods. Lack of teaching and also weakness of this concept is completely clear in Iran. So that, the greatest apprehension of mine in music is teaching, providing and regulating the educational methods.  It  is clear for us that some of the art students who can not learn the skills quickly are considered to be "untalented" and are deprived of learning music because of weakness in teaching skills.

In fact those art students who   have better understanding and reception of sound because of indirect teaching called "talented" . Consequently, they have more potential for gaining theoretical and practical skills in music. And there are a lot of those who are interested in music and are considered to be untalented because of the weaken of teaching methods and they,  accept and believe this matter by owns.

 So that they are deprived of continuing learning. For example, in many of the Iranian melody classes, the teacher reads a work or performs a trill and if a student can not imitate it, she/he will be deprived of learning because of being untalented. Even, some people believe that the voice of some singers is "with trill" and the others is " with out trill " .

Against indirect teaching is the direct teaching which is the purposeful learning under the supervision of the teacher. If there is a correct and precise plan in direct methods, the students who has little background in music also will be able to learn and again the essential skills.

 When I was young I took part in melody class, I always felt the lack of a written documents and books for teaching Iranian melody and I wished this method would be created some day. Although I could never imagine that I myself would write this method.

Following this, I offer the three volume Sorayesh book to the art students and those who are interested in music .  This book includes the teaching methods and teaches Iranian music and particularly Iranian melody.

I hope my attempts will be useful for the people who are interested in this field and help them to learn Iranian music correctly and principally.